This is an original press statement released in June 2005. Subject: Version 7 of F-Valuation software has been released.

In 1995 Finiconsult developed the first version of F-Valuation software. Remember please that F-Valuation software includes all conceivable quantitative models and  techniques and moreover modules to import, export or consolidate. There are versions for several countries, languages and tax systems.

Now version 7 has appeared. This very last version contains entirely new and unique tools. You know of course that the valuation outcome depends completely on assumptions. This turns valuation into a labor-intensive, subjective, contestable and for these reasons sometimes also into a risky challenge.  Therefore the complete valuation process has now been fully automated in version 7 and thus objective. It is only necessary to fill in 4 years history P&L and the oldest balance sheet to complete a fully automated valuation.  It is now entirely up to the user to make valuations complicated by introducing his own assumptions or keep it simple by just following the objective standard assumptions!  Without thorough valuation knowledge an objective valuation recommendation arises in less than an hour time.

  • Discount Rate/Wacc! To determine a risk premium from 104 years online stock exchange history, the user himself may now use up to 7 conceivable methods.  He can also determine the weight and the number of years in every method.  Objectivity arises by the motivated WACC - recommendation that determines first automatically weight, number of years and risk free interest rate and afterwards the WACC or discount rate, depending on the capital structure of the company and the valuation method applied.
  • Forecast assumptions! Assumptions may be determined now automatically and objective by well known standard statistical forecast techniques based on the four years of history.  With unlikely outcomes, probability filters are applied automatically.
  • Continuing value! The continuing value assumption may be calculated now automatically and objective in accordance with the motivated continuing value recommendation.
  • Valuation methods! Some valuation experts and software producers show an almost naive enthusiasm for a specific valuation method.  For this reason F-Valuation software determines always the results of all current valuation methods.  Objectivity arises by the motivated recommendation concerning weighting dependent on the different valuation methods and the aim of the valuation.

This objective valuation recommendation presents a platform for (the start of) a discussion.  It may limit also your risk if the valuation result is contested.  Also the value of just one share can be determined now. With a research licence the fundamental value of common shares of all listed companies in one or more countries may be compared now with their price in one automated valuation procedure. The resulting automatic selection of shares with the highest value/price relation has proven to beat every index.  At present you still need a data feed from a data supplier.

This version 7 is also improved technically.  There are now more depreciation possibilities and improved circular techniques.  It fits with larger screens, pixel densities and the latest Excel versions.  A free demo may be downloaded from USA or UK or Belgium or Germany or France or in the Netherlands. The very last version in each country may be bought with the links: USA or UK or Belgium or France or Germany or in the Netherlands. or

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