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Home Finiconsult United Kingdom
Delivery- and Payment Conditions and  Software-Product Licence:

Software Product Licence:
This software product and this software product licence is protected by national copyright laws and treaty provisions and national laws and treaty provisions concerning intellectual property rights. This software product is not sold but implies a licence.
This licence gives you the following rights:

  • You may install one copy of this software product on one single computer for use to one user only.
  • The primary user of the computer where this software is installed, may take a second copy for exclusive use on his portable or home computer. A separate licence must be acquired for every computer in or outside a network on which this software product might be read or be made usable.
  • You are not allowed to rent or to lease the software product; however you may transfer your licence rights once and forever.

Licence on WACC File:
The user of this software product is also licenced to download from the Internet a WACC File containing basic sources, information and advice on WACC. This licence is not for free and it is entirely up to Finiconsult to decide if and when ending any period of free use. Any information gathered from that WACC File, is confidential and may be used only by the user of this software for internal purposes. Internal purposes include advice on valuation, strategy, investments and so on to third parties in so far they are regular clients of the user. The basic sources, information and advice on WACC contained in the WACC File however, may not be copied as such and made available as such for their own value to third parties without written prior permission of Finiconsult. Making copies in whole or in part that are made available as such for their own value to third parties without written prior permission of Finiconsult constitutes a violation of these conditions of sale and this product licence and you agreed to pay to Finiconsult on first demand 1000 for each infraction.

Limited guarantee:
Finiconsult guarantees that the software product functions basically according to the manual provided with the software during a period of one year after delivery date.
The entire responsibility of Finiconsult and your only way to claim damages is, by choice of Finiconsult, either full pay-back of the price paid for the licence or repair or replacement of the software product only in case this does not function according to the limited guarantee as mentioned before.
Finiconsult disclaims any other warranty of any kind, whether by implication or explicitly worded, than the limited guarantee as before and may not be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use, misuse or disability to use this software product.

Payment by bank transfer or check is due on delivery of the software product unless otherwise agreed. Payment by bank transfer should be received within fourteen days after delivery on one of the bank account numbers mentioned on the invoice; payment by check should be received at one of our offices within one week after delivery.
In case a customer does not pay within the previously agreed period of time, he is supposed by law to violate the terms of this agreement and Finiconsult has the right, without any previous written notice, to hold him liable for the total amount due including legal interests starting the date of delivery without in any way limiting or prejudicing Finiconsults other legal rights. Lack of payment within the previously agreed period of time entitles Finiconsult to full and unlimited rights to claim from the customer in default all costs and charges of collection in and outside court, the latter supposed to be at least 15% of the amount due, with a minimum of 100,-.

Regardless of the terms of the limited guarantee as mentioned before, any claims whatsoever should be received by Finiconsult in writing and/or by fax within 3 working days after delivery.

The law of the United Kingdom is applicable.