Fundamental Research, Mergers & Acquisitions (no investment advice)

Established: since 1990
Address: 42 Valiant House,Vicarage Crescent, London SW11 3LU
Phone:  020-72284078  Fax:   020-72284078 
Memberships:  Corporate Finance Faculty, ICAEW,London
First Contact: Mrs. Anna Boers
As independent and small consultancy firm Finiconsult is working on a project basis in the field of  Corporate Finance in Europe.
Tailor made solutions are provided by working independently of auditing firms, banks or venture capitalist. 
Integrated financial, tax and legal advice is the core of the business formula instead of offering various expensive departments specialist not always really being aware of the problem's nature. 
Maximum results are ensured by working in close collaboration with clients and prepared to take substantial project- and financing risks. 
Fee structure based on no cure no pay is negotiable with financing and sale of a company. 
Experience over many years in valuation, dealmaking and almost all other aspects of corporate finance. 
Determining the difference Value/Price requires tools and resources indispensable with investment research.
A Sense of Wonderment these differences Value/Price continue to exist and the missing of reliable software, have made possible the unique F-Valuation Software.
Finiconsult never acts as an investment consultant or advisor but only offers tools and resources to improve investment results.

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