Corporate Finance is about people, knowledge and experience that counts!
Corporate Finance is just a word catching activities like:
Finiconsult covers all financial aspects of a company, such as:
Mergers & Acquisitions : Selling and buying companies
Valuation : Company valuation for different purposes
Management Buy-out / Buy-in : Selling a company to it's management or an outsider
Bank Financing : How to raise bank/lease financing and under what conditions
Venture Capital : How to raise venture capital and under what conditions
Project Management : Solving financing problems by a project and a mission team 
Interim Management : Solving financing problems by interim management 
Succession Problems : How to replace in due course the current manager/shareholder
Financial Consultancy : Clever solutions to financial problems, modeling the future
Cash-management : Let money earn money instead of being wasted
Off-balance Financing : Keep your balance sheet clean 
Financial Strategy : Satisfying your shareholders and your bank in the long run 
Turn-Around Management : How to get rescued from financial disaster

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